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The Alchemist Liverpool: 6 cocktails you’ve got to try

The Alchemist Liverpool: 6 cocktails you’ve got to try

Brunswick Street, Liverpool, L2

Words by Lydia Connolly

Having opened its doors to the public on Monday (15 August), The Alchemist is about to enjoy its first weekend in the city and it’s set be a busy one. With over 50 cocktails to choose from, navigating the Brunswick Street bar’s extensive drinks menu can be a daunting task.

Luckily, Your Move has tried and tested the best the bar has to offer and has come up with this list of the cocktails that simply cannot be missed!

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The Alchemist Liverpool

The Colour Changing One (£7.75)

It’s cocktails like The Colour Changing One that make The Alchemist a bar like no other. Magic is on the menu, literally, for this tangy mix of vodka, apple, soda and lime. Watch the colour transform from yellow to purple before settling on a dusky pink as you pour your drink into a glass smoking with dry ice.


The Alchemist Liverpool

The Solero (£8.25)

Ice cream fans will love this cocktail inspired by the ice lolly of the same name. A fruity combination of vodka, passoa, mango, apple and orange is topped off with white chocolate cream foam to create the cocktail of dreams.


The Alchemist Liverpool

Caramelised Rum Punch (£8.50)

Fire is on the menu with this Caribbean inspired cocktail. This drink is as much about showmanship as it is about flavour as the cocktail is warmed in a copper pan over a Bunsen burner before it is served over ice. Appleton Signature rum is mixed with Grand Marnier, watermelon, pineapple and lime to create a fruity beverage that certainly packs a punch.

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The Alchemist Liverpool

The Flavour Changing One (£7.75)

Struggling to decide on a flavour? The Alchemist has got it covered with The Flavour Changing One. Two drinks are cleverly layered to create two entirely different flavours, the red portion of the drink combines a fruity mix of Absolut raspberry, lime and apple while the green portion boasts refreshing minty flavours with its combination of Briottet mint and chocolate.


The Alchemist Liverpool

Screwball (£7.95)

Take a trip down memory lane with The Alchemist’s take on the childhood ice-cream van classic. Suitable for anybody with a sweet tooth, this is a dessert cocktail that combines Absolut raspberry, Briottet blue curacao, apple, lime, white chocolate foam and of course, bubble gum.


The Alchemist Liverpool

Lightbulb Moment (£7.95)

The Lightbulb Moment is a cocktail that’s all about the presentation. Plumes of dry ice billow from the glass as you pour this classic delight. A tantalising mix of gin, pimms, ginger beer, raspberry, lemon and mint, the Lightbulb Moment is the perfect summertime beverage.


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