Bordeaux Wine Festival makes UK debut on Liverpool’s waterfront

The prestigious Bordeaux Wine Festival is making its UK debut this weekend (25-28 May) as it takes over Liverpool’s waterfront.

Now in its 11th year, the biennial celebration regularly attracts hundreds of thousands of wine lovers to the French city’s riverfront.

The famous Fête le Vin in France’s wine capital of Bordeaux is widely regarded as the leading European wine event.

While the Fête le Vin has been previously held in Hong Kong, Quebec, and Brussels, organisers had never considered the UK as a host venue until now.

Visitors to the inaugural Liverpool event will be invited to take their specially-branded Bordeaux wine glass and carrying case and enjoy up to six tastings along with the chance to learn about the diversity of Bordeaux wines from the official Bordeaux Wine School.

Bordeaux Wine School in Brussels © G. BONNAUD

Bordeaux and the surrounding areas produce a large and diverse variety of wines. With a vineyard area of over 120,000 hectares, it is the largest area of wine growing in the whole of France with wine made by more than 8,500 producers, with 54 varieties being produced.

Bordeaux and Liverpool have strong historical connections, which are closely linked to the wine trade.

Liverpool-based Bordeaux wine expert Gary Adlen, who runs The Chancery in Liverpool ONE, says: “The North West region has had historic connections with Bordeaux for thousands of years. The Romans founded Bordeaux so when they came over to Chester, they brought the wine to the region with them.

“The trade eventually moved from Chester to Liverpool as the port developed with barrels of wine were imported from Bordeaux to Liverpool where it was bottled and labelled at the Liverpool docks before being transported to America and the rest of the UK.

“The trade only stopped in the 1960s so there may still be local people who worked in the industry or remember it.”

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