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Call for Kirkby residents to continue supporting town centre

Kirkby residents are being encouraged to continue supporting their town centre this year after recent months saw thousands of shoppers head to the district.

New events and attractions are said to have proven a hit with visitors to the area, which is the subject of plans for regeneration.

According to new figures, footfall in November and December was greater than the previous months in 2016 as thousands of shoppers enjoyed festivities including X Factor’s Reggie ‘n’ Bollie turning on the Christmas tree lights.

The average of 132,000 shoppers per week during the past two months of 2016 also followed a series of summer family events which have been hailed a success, and a 70% increase in ‘likes’ to the Kirkby town centre Facebook page over Christmas after it had initially been launched last April.

Mike Matthew, manager of Kirkby town centre, says: “Following a series of popular family themed events that took place earlier in the summer it was brilliant to see thousands of people in the town centre enjoying the festive celebrations and shopping.

“It has also been fantastic for our traders who are reporting an increase in business. We hope local people continue to support their town centre throughout 2017.”

St. Modwen, which owns and manages Kirkby town centre, has previously consulted on its plans to regenerate the retail and leisure district and has also announced a Reel Cinemas branch will form part of the project.

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One thought on “Call for Kirkby residents to continue supporting town centre

  1. mark
    January 20, 2017 at 10:25 am

    Its all smoke and mirrors . Some house prices have halved in Kirkby and the place still needs major investment. Its still a massive shame that Tesco/Everton didnt come to kirkby

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