Community café plan for Granby Four Streets

A new community café could be opening in Granby Four Streets under proposals submitted to Liverpool City Council.

Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust (CLT) has plans to erect a new three-storey building on the corner of Granby Street and Cairns Street.

As well as a café at ground level, the new building would also include two affordable apartments on the first and second floors above.

Plans for the building, known as ‘The Fourth Corner’, are the first stage of the ‘Granby Four Corners’ project, described as a “key part” of the Granby Four Streets CLT’s long-term plan to “preserve and revitalise” the local area.

The idea behind the Four Corners project is to revitalise four former shops on the corners of Granby Street and Cairns Street.

The Fourth Corner concept image, along Cairns Street.

Explaining the vision, a document included with the planning application from Granby Four Streets CLT reads: “The ‘Four Corners’ themselves were originally built as cornershops, with flats above connecting Cairns Street to Granby Street.

“Today, three of the ‘Four Corners’ have remained empty for more than 15 years. One of the four, 142 Granby Street, has already been successfully refurbished by the CLT and is now occupied by Granby Workshop.

“The CLT’s long term vision of the Granby Four Corners Project is to address the remaining three corners, two of which are derelict, and the fourth that was demolished in 2014.

“The short term vision, is to first rebuild the demolished ‘Fourth Corner’, after which the remaining two corners can be developed at a later stage.

“The Fourth Corner proposal aims to deliver a new communal space that both serves the locals and supports people from further afield.”

About Author: Lawrence Saunders

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