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Constellations crowdfunder enters final week as Baltic decision deferred

A decision on plans to build more than 500 apartments in the Baltic Triangle has been delayed after councillors decided a site visit is required.

In July, popular venue Constellations, which is located on part of the development site, announced it would be closing its Greenland Street premises at the end of 2019.

A crowdfunding campaign was launched on 8 August with the aim of raising £60,000 to enhance the functionally of Constellations’ Hinterlands venue at the nearby Cains Brewery Village.

The money will go towards various aspects including the installation of air conditioning, cosmetic upgrades and a new garden.

Backers of the crowdfunder, which has so far raised more than £20,000 and has seven days to run, will receive a range of rewards including dining experiences and the opportunity to attend exclusive events across the city for free via a ‘golden ticket’.

Hinterlands on Mann Street

Liverpool City Council’s planning committee met yesterday (28 August) to decide on Legacie Developments’ proposals to build 505 flats on land in the Baltic Triangle Land bounded by Greenland Street, Parliament Street, Great George Street, Newhall Street and St James Street.

The plans had been recommended for approval at the meeting, but it was decided a site visit is necessary before a final call is made on the development.

Speaking following the meeting, Nicholas Baskerville from Constellations told YM Liverpool that the lack of a decision either way is unhelpful.

Nicholas, who is marketing director at the Greenland Street venue, says: “Constellations has and always will have a special place in the Baltic Triangle.

“Today the planning committee adjourned till further notice, making no decisions as to the new development.

“However, it’s our opinion that it will still get the green light. This is very difficult for us because it just draws the process out and we just want to get on with things.

“Our solution has always been pragmatism and lots of perseverance and so rather than get despondent we decided to open a new event space for when the time came to leave our Greenland Street home and relocate some of our events, providing a place for new events to happen too.”



Nicholas adds: “As an independent business our pockets are only so deep and we’ve borrowed and reinvested to ensure our business survives and we have a place in the Baltic Triangle’s future. Something very important to us as we were one of the first venues in the area – helping to drive people and inward investment.

“However, we have fallen a little short and this Kickstarter will help us pay for some big things we can’t currently afford such as heating, air conditioning, our new garden and a little beautification.

“Once our Kickstarter campaign is completed then we’ll start announcing shows, conferences, club nights and exhibitions but until then we still need help reaching out total. We have a long way to go and only one week to do it in.”

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