More Granby Four Streets houses to be sold in the new year

More houses in the Turner Prize-winning Granby Four Streets area of Toxteth will go up for sale in the new year, according to the residents group behind the project.

Three homes have just been sold, with locals given first refusal, and the Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust has confirmed that two more will arrive on the market early next year, with further properties in the pipeline.

Rebecca Lawlor, project development manager for the land trust, says: “We have five affordable rented properties owned by the land trust alongside the three for sale. We are starting the final two for sale in the new year and have been offered a further three by Liverpool City Council – we are working through the costings for these additional properties.

“There are a number of partners working in the Four Streets delivering properties back into use through either affordable renting, pound homes, cooperative shares, shared ownership and open market schemes – our option is one of many in the area.

Although the Granby Four Streets homes on Cairns Street are Turner-winning art exhibits, the trust has applied a Deed of Covenant to the properties to ensure they are sold to locals at an affordable rate based on the average wages in the area.

Rebecca tells Your Move that the Toxteth scheme is the first in the UK to use a resale value based on medium income.

She adds: “The calculation is based on an agreed method that the East London CLT adopted for their scheme at St. Clements, London working alongside the Ecological Building Society. This was the first scheme in the UK to use a resale value based on wage levels. This allows properties to be kept affordable in perpetuity.”

Launched in collaboration with design group Assemble, the Granby Four Streets project was founded to bring a neglected area of Toxteth back into use and encourage those who have left the area to return.

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One thought on “More Granby Four Streets houses to be sold in the new year

  1. PJ
    December 7, 2016 at 3:00 am

    Lovely architecture. A prime example for Liverpool of how run down old buildings are not the same thing as ugly or bad ones. To think of the mind boggling levels of destruction that were inflicted on the city for decades on end, when most of it what was lost could have been saved if this had been the attitude.

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