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Major housebuilder backs workplace sun safety pledge

One of the largest housebuilders in the North West has become the first major business to back a campaign designed to protect outdoor workers from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays.

Stewart Milne Homes, which has developments in Prescot and Wirral, is backing North West Cancer Research’s Sun Safety Pledge to encourage sun safety among its employees.

The joint initiative between Public Health Liverpool and North West Cancer Research, launched on last week’s summer solstice – the longest day of the year – which sees the number of daylight hours and hours of sun exposure increase for the summer months.

Now in its second year, the Sun Safety Pledge has been created to encourage employers to put outdoor worker’s safety front of mind by raising awareness of the importance of using adequate sun protection.

A toolkit to help employers educate employees is available to download online. Advice includes covering up and using sun cream during the summer months when the rays from the sun are strongest, paying attention to ears, necks and lips.

Employers such as Stewart Milne Homes are also encouraged to promote the use of sun protection and to provide sun cream, as well as raise awareness of the symptoms of skin cancer and highlight the importance of early diagnosis with employees.

Stewart Milne has now provided sun cream samples from the campaign’s sun cream partner SunSense UK for its outdoor workers in all staff recreational areas.

Paul Challinor, Stewart Milne Homes North West managing director, says: “The health and wellbeing of our employees is paramount to our values as an employer and with such a large portion of our people spending time outdoors each day, this was an initiative we immediately wanted to get involved in.

“As part of the Sun Safety Pledge we have now installed awareness posters and shared leaflets across all of our teams and have ensured there are sun cream samples for our employees to access in communal areas.

“The sun may not have made too much of an appearance so far this summer, but harmful rays can still break through clouds, so it’s important we share this potentially lifesaving information.

“We hope our employees welcome this advice and take adequate measures to protect themselves when working outside.”

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