• Lakeside Bar & Bistro, Crosby, Liverpool - Restaurant Review

Restaurant Review: Lakeside Bar & Bistro, Crosby, Liverpool

Restaurant Review

Lakeside Bar & Bistro

Cambridge Road, Crosby, Liverpool

Review by Christine Toner

As any parent will tell you, trying to get your kids out of the house, fully clothed and ready to go is nothing short of a military operation. When you have a booking or an appointment to get to it’s 10 times worse. Needless to say then when we finally arrived at the Lakeside Bar & Bistro to review its new menu – and after my almost two-year-old had managed FOUR completely separate tantrums during a 15-minute car journey – I was feeling somewhat frazzled (read losing my mind).

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Thankfully then, my editor could not have picked a more tranquil location than this eatery to calm us all down. Set aside the Marina and looking out onto the lake, this activity centre and restaurant – complete with wall to wall windows – offers the perfect setting to while away an afternoon and relax.

The bistro is spacious and light and we were given a table near the windows. After perusing the varied menu I settled on a classic Caesar salad with chargrilled chicken (£8.75) – I’m preconditioned to order food that is edible cold since my little darlings have a knack of needing me when a plate of food is put in front of me. I needn’t have felt hard done to however, as the salad was delicious with plenty of juicy chicken and lots of sauce.


Lakeside Bar & Bistro, Cambridge Road, Liverpool - Restaurant Review


My husband, who remarkably has no issue finishing his meal when the kids are around (the subject of many, ahem, ‘discussions’), opted for the cheese and bacon burger (£9.50) which came in a toasted bun with chipped potatoes, burger relish, gem lettuce, tomato, onion and gherkins. The burger was well cooked and so substantial my husband was unable to finish – though he gave it a good go!

Choosing what my little ones will eat is like a more risky game of Russian roulette at the moment so I carefully read each option to my four-year-old and after asking for several hybrid dishes (“Fish and chips or broccoli and pea pasta, George?” “Fish and chip pasta please”) my eldest settled on chicken nuggets, chips and garden peas (£4.95) and, as she tends to do, my youngest followed suit.

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In a development that left me open mouthed, my four-year-old actually polished off the entire plate and declared the chicken nuggets “delicious”. My 23-month-old also ate a decent amount.

Both kids finished up with ice cream (£4.50), which pleased them no end, while I enjoyed a delicious glass of Prosecco, which pleased me even more.

It’s impossible not to feel relaxed when surrounded by such a beautiful setting and being catered to by such friendly and attentive staff. It’s not an exaggeration when I say I’d chalk this up as one of our more successful and enjoyable meals out.

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