Lights on for next stage of Anfield regeneration

Some of Anfield’s oldest street lights will be replaced by energy efficient LED lighting as part of a £4 million street works and environmental programme in the area.

The new lighting is the next phase of the wider £260m regeneration scheme and will get underway this month.

Liverpool City Council is responsible for maintaining around 57,000 street lights, signs and bollards across the city at a cost of roughly £2.6m every year. It is claimed the new LED lighting will save 80% of the light used by the old models.

Work on the street lights and columns will be completed using cherry pickers and each one should be completed within two days, with the new lights lit on the day of installation.

Councillor Ann O’Byrne, deputy mayor of Liverpool, says: “This is another important milestone in the regeneration of the area and will help improve the Anfield environment.

“The upkeep and maintenance of the old style lighting is a huge drain on public resources. Not only does LED lighting improve visibility and make the streets feel safer, it’s greener and more efficient, allowing us to invest the savings elsewhere,” adds O’Byrne.

The £260m regeneration of Anfield is being conducted by Liverpool City Council in partnership Your Housing Group and Liverpool Football Club.

The regeneration includes the redevelopment of Liverpool FC’s main stand, new and refurbished housing, improved shopping facilities, a hotel and the creation of a major new pedestrian-friendly avenue and public square.

About Author: Lawrence Saunders

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