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LIMF Academy to showcase unsigned talent

Liverpool International Music Festival (LIMF) makes its 2015 return throughout the forthcoming bank holiday weekend, bringing a stellar line-up of performers and specially commissioned events to the city.

Whilst welcoming touring big name acts and the cream of Merseyside’s established musical crop to the city stage though, the event will also provide a platform for brand new talent through its LIMF Academy initiative.

The Academy gives unsigned artists and bands an opportunity to take part in workshops and perform in front of thousands during LIMF’s Summer Jam concerts in Sefton Park, and this year three finalists considered to be the ‘most ready’ have been picked to appear on stage, along with a further 15 additional Academy acts.

Meanwhile, 2015’s 27-31 August festivities will also see some of last year’s Academy hopefuls return to perform after a year on the rise.

We caught up with 2014 Academy winner, Xam Volo and this year’s ‘most ready’ musician, Michael Seary to find out what the exposure of LIMF means to them.


Xam, LIMF Academy, LIMF, wiinner, Summer Jam

2104 LIMF Academy winner, Xam Volo will return to this year’s festival

2014 LIMF Academy winner, Xam Volo

How does it feel coming back to LIMF to perform after coming via the Academy last year? 

It feels good knowing how much has gone on this year; The LIMF Academy has been really important to a lot of the things I’ve managed to experience from the start up to this point – I’m feeling grateful.

What opportunities has the LIMF Academy opened up for you since you were named one of the five ‘most ready’ acts last year? 

Too many to name. Amongst numerous other stages, we got to play a gig on the Pier Head recently which was a pretty big opportunity. We’ve started making some valuable connections with promoters and presenters in Liverpool, gained a lot of experience in areas of the music industry I’ve always wanted to have through panels and sessions, and so many things that would have been a bit harder to access otherwise.

What advice would you give to artists coming through LIMF Academy this year?

Go to all the sessions offered.  Also, take yourself seriously and invest in your craft – the opportunities you’re handed in the LIMF Academy will put you in a great position but you have to be proactive with your career too.


Michael Seary, LIMF Academy

‘Most ready’ Academy act, Michael Seary will perform

‘Most ready’ in 2015 act, Michael Seary

How do you feel about having the opportunity to perform on stage at the LIMF?

Extremely excited! For the first time in my career I am going to be performing my own music with a live band – normally I DJ and I feel this puts some restrictions on what I can do live, whereas now with the LIMF performance I feel as though I have been set free to literally do what I want and to push myself and the band to all of our limits.
What can music fans expect from your performance at this year’s festival?

Music fans can expect every spectrum of drum and bass with my own unique take on the genre that me and my band are going to be bringing out of the studio and onto the stage. We aim to give the fans something they have never seen before and hopefully something they will never forget.

How do you hope the exposure of LIMF will help to develop your music career?

I hope it gives me more opportunities to perform across the UK as well as giving me insight into how the music industry works and potentially opening up other avenues of work within the industry that aren’t just based within the studio.


Both acts will perform at LIMF’s Summer Jam at Sefton Park on Sunday 30 August.

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