Liverpool City Council unveils full homelessness strategy

Liverpool City Council has revealed a new four-year plan to tackle homelessness during a public forum on the subject.

The local authority’s masterplan to address the issue is three-pronged, focusing on early prevention, measures to encourage economic resilience and improved support for those with complex needs.

The new preventative measures are geared towards single people and childless couples threatened by homelessness. They will include the creation of a one-stop shop in a central location where people can turn for homelessness-related advice and drop-in services in local across Liverpool.

Strategies to encourage economic resilience including services which will provide advice on debt and budgeting and better access to training and education for those affected by homelessness.

The council will also make use of new powers which allow local authorities to offer properties in the private rented sector to homeless people.

Furthermore, the authority aims to create new services which meet the physical and mental health needs of the homeless population more effectively, as well as offer improved rehabilitation services to veterans.

Councillor Frank Hont, cabinet member for housing, says: “I am delighted to introduce this strategy. It sets out the actions we will take over the next four years to help prevent even more people from becoming homeless and increase the support for those who are struggling financially or have specific needs.”

Liverpool City Council’s Homelessness Strategy 2016-2020 is available to read online at

About Author: Mark Langshaw

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