Liverpool drive-in cinema Big Ed’s gets new launch date

Liverpool’s new drive-in cinema Big Ed’s is now set to open on 23 September following delays.

The cinema will debut with ‘Grease’ showing as its first feature, followed by an evening screening of gangster classic ‘Scarface’.

The attraction’s co-owner Lee Seddon tells Your Move that land licensing issues, which have now been resolved, pushed the launch back from August 1.

Big Ed’s will occupy the same site as its predecessor Route 66 but is being touted as an all-new cinema which offers a “more personal” experience, hosting themed evenings with live music and actors in costumes to tie in with the main feature.

Going forward, Big Ed’s will show a diverse range of movies, from old classics to independent films and contemporary blockbusters, and American-themed food and drink will be served at an on-site burger bar.

Lee, who was part of Route 66 before it ceased trading, says: “We’re going to show a broad range of movies, from older classics to the mainstream new movies but the cinema will offer a quirkier experience than your standard multiplex. We’re not going to be open seven nights a week because I felt that diluted the business. We’re looking at Wednesday through to Sunday.”

About Author: Mark Langshaw

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