Merseyside animal sanctuary seeking new home

Merseyside animal sanctuary Rescue Me is seeking a new home in a bid to help more animals in need.

The organisation has raised funding to move into a more suitable premises after outgrowing its current base, a small terraced house in Waterloo.

Rescue Me uses a network of rehoming fosterers and predominantly cares for cats and kittens due to the restraints of its base.

Expanding to a larger centre will allow the group to take in dogs on a regular basis, as well as rehome smaller animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas.

Rescue Me has raised £210,000 towards its new home, with additional private trustee investment giving the organisation a budget of up to £400,000 for the move.

The group is targeting a premises which has already been used for animals, such as a boarding kennels, breeding, working dog facility or a veterinary practice, to avoid potential planning setbacks.

Steph Taylor, founder and trustee, Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary, says: “Our current base is very limited and not sustainable which is why we are keen to move to a more suitable base.

“This would enable us to expand our current intake of cats but also allow for the regular rehoming of smaller animals like rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. We are also keen to commence the regular rescue of dogs as it is currently not feasible to do so.”

Rescue Me is still taking donations towards its new home through the following link:

About Author: Mark Langshaw

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