Commission established to deliver ‘world-class’ railway station in Liverpool city centre

Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram has announced the formation of a commission to deliver a new ‘world-class’ train station in Liverpool city centre.

Professor Denise Barrett-Baxendale, CEO of Everton Football Club, will chair the expert group tasked with choosing a site for the transport hub.

The new station will fully connect the Liverpool City Region to HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR) – a move which will reduce journey times between Liverpool and Manchester to around 23 minutes.

An example of the kind of transport hub being envisaged for Liverpool city centre is the Fulton Center in New York City, the interior of which features the type of mixed-use facilities that a new station could include.

The mayor’s new commission will bring together a range of experts from across the worlds of transport, business and the public sector.

Its remit will be to take forward all the key considerations in developing the project such as the size, functions, location and orientation of the station – working with partners on all elements leading towards its development.

The Fulton Center, located at the crossroads of Lower Manhattan on Broadway between John and Fulton Streets.

Metro Mayor Rotherham says: “Connecting the Liverpool City Region to HS2 and NPR will both cut journey times and increase capacity, boosting our economy by £15 billion.

“In order to make that connection happen we will need a new station in Liverpool city centre, capable of accommodating HS2 trains, NPR trains and linking in with our local transport infrastructure. Lime Street will simply not be able to cope.

“Building a new station is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create a gateway to the Liverpool City Region that is fit for the 21st Century.

“What we envisage is more than just a station and a world-class transport hub, it has the potential to be a destination in its own right, architecturally stunning and featuring leisure and recreation facilities, commercial, retail, high-quality office accommodation, residential facilities and much more.”

Professor Barrett-Baxendale adds: “I am tremendously honoured to have been asked to chair this commission.

“I have no doubt that it will be challenging but with that challenge comes a golden opportunity to create a modern transport hub fit for the city region’s future.”

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