Penny Lane could be getting a Beatles festival

Penny Lane could one day host its own Beatles festival as part of a project to maximise the benefit of the band’s legacy across Liverpool.

Liverpool City Council has revealed that a tourism and visitor economy expert is being appointed to explore the possibility of launching a music event in South Liverpool as well as other initiates.

Preliminary talks are already said to have been held with tourist information centres and charity group the Penny Lane Development Trust, and local councillors have backed the calls for a Penny Lane festival.

Chaired by The Farm singer Peter Hooton, the Beatles Legacy Group was created to devise ways for Liverpool to build on its already substantial Beatles offering.

Dr Mike Jones, music lecturer at Liverpool University and Legacy Group member, says any Beatles initiatives around Penny Lane must involve the Penny Lane Development Trust and consider the views of local residents.

He tells Your Move: “The Legacy Group is aware that Penny Lane residents work hard to welcome visitors and their work is deserving of support. The Legacy Group would be guided by the Penny Lane Development Trust as they are the most cohesive group in the area and have a track record of caring for the community and the environment in creative and committed ways.

“There are many different types of initiative that might be pursued to honour the connection between the Beatles and Penny Lane [and South Liverpool more generally] but all such initiatives need to consider the views and needs of residents.”

The Beatles Legacy Group’s next meeting is set to take place next Tuesday (15 November).

About Author: Mark Langshaw

Mark is a journalist at Your Move. He can be contacted via email at or by phone on 0151 709 3871.