• Restaurant Review: Heritage, Castle Street, Liverpool

Restaurant Review: Heritage, Castle Street, Liverpool

Restaurant Review


Castle Street, Liverpool

Review by Hannah Fowler | Small plates | ££ | 40 Castle Street, Liverpool, L2 7LA | 0151 236 8554

By simple coincidence, I had visited Heritage a week earlier with friends so when my editor asked if I would like to review it, there was no hesitation – which is always a good sign when you want to return to a restaurant so soon. In fact, I was excited to sample more of the menu I didn’t have room for the first time.

Restaurant Review: Heritage, Castle Street, Liverpool

Heritage is a melting pot of different cultures. The family-run venture is inspired by the owners’ backgrounds and identities, so it’s no surprise to see a menu bursting with different influences, from Italy to the Middle East. While this could result in a messy, haphazard menu, Heritage avoids this trap through its simplicity.

Welcomed by David and the team, we soon felt right at home as we settled in to a table by the bar. Browsing the drinks menu, I decided on a Turncoat London Dry Gin with pomegranate and grapefruit (£6.50) while my date (the designated driver) went for a lime and soda.

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Arranged as small plates (3 for £15), the dinner menu offers a good selection of vegetarian, fish and meat dishes. Our first pick was the crispy cauliflower with satay sauce and pickled vegetable slaw (£6.50). Instead of being boiled to blandness, the humble cauliflower was made star of the show. Packed with oriental flavours and textures it was a real delight; even my partner, an avid meat eater confessed it was his favourite dish.

Restaurant Review: Heritage, Castle Street, Liverpool

Next to arrive was the bag of brine n’ fried chicken (£7) and fish n’ chips (£8). The chicken was crunchy on the outside and juicy and flavourful inside and the pot of Heritage sauce gave it a spicy kick. Heritage’s fish n’ chips was a refined take on the seaside favourite. The fillet was tender with a perfectly crisped skin and while I prefer a chunky chip, the skinny fries were polished off in no time.

Sticking with seafood, we also ordered the crispy squid with rice, vegetables, tomato and aioli (£7) and mini pizza board with tomato, courgette, prawn and parmesan (£7). The crispy fried risotto balls were tasty but I found the calamari a little dry. The creamy aioli brought everything together though and was a great accompaniment to the fried squid. The mini pizza board was simple, fresh and delicious. The flavour combination of prawns, garlic and parmesan was a real winner!

Restaurant Review: Heritage, Castle Street, Liverpool

Our final pick was the topped flatbread with hummus, shredded chermoula lamb and pomegranate (£6.50). Packed with Middle Eastern flavours, the tender lamb had quite a kick. But paired with the smooth hummus, soft flatbread and juicy pomegranates, it was well balanced and one of our favourites of the evening.

We couldn’t leave without trying the enticing dessert menu. I went for the baked vanilla cheese, home-made granola, meringue, berries & whipped cream (£6) but I must admit, I wasn’t the biggest fan. The deconstructed elements didn’t come together for me and while presented beautifully, it just didn’t have the creamy vanilla flavours I was expecting.

Restaurant Review: Heritage, Castle Street, Liverpool

The chocolate mousse, chocolate brownie, dried chocolate and ice cream (£6.50) on the other hand was sweet, decadent and so impressive to look at. I managed a fair few spoonfuls after prizing it away from my dinner date.

All in all, the Heritage experience was fantastic and a tradition I could definitely get used to.

Hannah recommends… 

The crispy cauliflower with satay sauce and pickled vegetable slaw – so moreish, you’ll forget you’re eating a vegetable!

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