• Restaurant Review: Our Kitchen, Bold Street, Liverpool

Restaurant Review: Our Kitchen, Bold Street, Liverpool

Restaurant Review

Our Kitchen

Bold Street, Liverpool

Review by Hannah Fowler

Walking up Liverpool’s Bold Street, the question ‘where should we eat?’ is now more difficult than ever with dozens of restaurants and cafés tempting you in.

Our Kitchen is one of the newest to open its doors and offers perhaps what Bold Street has been missing – a restaurant serving exclusively vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

Although other restaurants offer vegetarian-friendly dishes, Our Kitchen is an entirely meat-free zone, giving diners total peace of mind.

Speaking to my dining partner who is vegetarian, this was a big selling point to her as she is often served the wrong dishes (with meat!) at other restaurants.

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Once inside, the décor was simple and relaxed with wooden floors, tiled walls and a pop of colour from the spider web of light fixtures above. Arriving on a Thursday evening, the restaurant was already busy which created a welcoming ambience.

To drink, my friend selected a liver tonic juice (£3.75). With beetroot, red cabbage, lime and apple, she loved the healthy concoction. I’m not the biggest fan of juices so I stuck to a glass of the house vegan rosé (£4.50) instead.


Restaurant Review: Our Kitchen, Bold Street, Liverpool

Left: grilled halloumi salad with tahini; Right: loaded hummus with focaccia bread


The restaurant offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is also a large selection of gluten-free and dairy-free substitutes on the menu, which my friend was really impressed with.

The majority of the dinner menu is small plates, giving you the opportunity to try and share different dishes. Don’t be fooled by the term ‘small plates’ though – the portions are big and generous!

I chose the loaded hummus with focaccia bread (£4.50) and the brie & mango quesadilla with avocado and sour cream (£6.95). The creamy hummus was served with crispy flatbreads instead as they had run out of focaccia, but it was still an enjoyable small plate to eat.

The quesadilla filling was an interesting combo and, although not my favourite dish on the menu, it was packed with flavour and presented attractively.

By far my star dish was the serving of ultimate nachos (£9.95). Topped with plenty of cheese, tomato salsa, guacamole and black beans, the much-loved Mexican staple was delicious and is large enough for four to easily share.


Restaurant Review: Our Kitchen, Bold Street, Liverpool

Left: brie & mango quesadilla with avocado and sour cream; Right: ultimate nachos


My friend decided on the grilled halloumi salad with tahini (£5.50) and the broccoli, green beans and mangetout with soy and ginger (£3.75). The earthy vegetables were livened up by the oriental spices and the halloumi salad was bursting with fresh flavours.

Finally, we chose two sides to share: parmesan and parsley chips (£3.95) and crispy kale with lemon and sea salt (£2.95). I must admit, kale has never appealed to me but served as salty crisps, it was surprisingly moreish!

As you can imagine by the multiple dishes listed above, by this point we were beyond stuffed so another visit is definitely needed to try the selection of desserts including a delicious sounding chocolate and macadamia brownie (£4.50).

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As a meat eater I was dubious as to whether Our Kitchen would appeal to me but as soon as the food arrived, my worries disappeared. Our Kitchen proves that the absence of meat doesn’t mean an absence of flavour.

It’s a welcome addition to Liverpool and will appeal to anyone who enjoys fresh tasty food, regardless of whether you eat meat or not.

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