• Review: New Peaky Blinders and Harry Potter walking tour

Review: New Liverpool tour explores Peaky Blinders and Harry Potter locations

Review: New Liverpool tour explores Peaky Blinders and Harry Potter locations

Review by Matthew Smith 

Whether you’re a fan of British independent cinema or Hollywood blockbusters, there’s no shortage of famous filming locations in Liverpool.

Reel Tours, led by stand-up comedian and film fanatic Gary Lunt, has launched the only walking tour of its kind in the city; a two-and-a-half-hour journey around Liverpool’s filming hotspots.

The tour opens to the public on Saturday 10 March, but YM Liverpool was given an early preview of what’s in store for those who embark on it.

Audiences can expect to gain an insight into some of the UK’s premier filming locations right here in the city, and learn how Liverpool has been represented in motion pictures for the past century.

Silver screen secrets will be revealed giving audiences an insight into how the city’s reputation as a filming hub has gone from strength to strength.

As an introduction to the tour, Gary asks the audience what each person’s favourite film is and then he’ll often provide a fun fact about each, so make sure you’re ready with an answer!

Gary evidently has an in-depth understanding of film and Liverpool’s position as a popular choice of location amongst film directors and producers, so his valuable and accurate insight, presented with humour and candour, makes this walking tour particularly interesting.

For many years now the city’s locations have doubled for New York, London, Moscow and many more global cities, but Liverpool’s association with the film industry goes far beyond modern motion pictures. In fact, what you’ll learn on this tour will take you right back to when the Lumiere brothers captured footage of the Liverpool Overhead Railway in 1897 (which is thought to be the first motion picture shot in the city).

Alongside his impressive breadth of knowledge and understanding, Gary puts each location into context by providing photographs of some of the famous stars and teams on set who have filmed in the city.

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From ‘Letter to Brezhnev’ and ‘The 51st State’, to ‘Captain America’ and ‘Sherlock Holmes’, the city has attracted some of the best in local independent cinema and global blockbusters and the brightest local and international acting talent.

Last year saw 289 film and TV projects filmed in the city, so there are plenty of stops along the way and Gary is more than happy to answer any questions.

Liverpool Town Hall, Stanley Dock (pictured), St George’s Hall, and many more of the city’s illustrious buildings, as well as some that are often overlooked, are just some of the locations.

Famous visitors include the stars and production teams behind ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Captain America’ starring Chris Evans, ‘The Fast and the Furious’ and the award-winning BBC drama ‘Peaky Blinders’ which features Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy.

Tickets for the tour are priced at £15 and, on reflection, the nature and content of the tour justifies the price.

This walking tour provides a unique opportunity to see the city from an entirely different perspective, allowing audiences to discover the hidden gems of filming in Liverpool.


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