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Review: Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

Victoria Street, L2

Review by Mark Langshaw

With its neon signage, array of Beatles memorabilia and American-inspired décor, the best of Liverpool and New York collide the moment you step over Wall of Fame’s threshold.

A combination of low lighting and soft rock added to the atmosphere as our waiter led us to our table, which sat beneath the gaze of John, Paul, George and Ringo; the subjects of a vast mural dominating one of the restaurant’s walls.

Inspired by our surroundings, my date and I decided to get into the rock ‘n’ roll spirit and start our evening with cocktails. I ordered a Mojito and my partner chose a Chambord Sour (both £7).

Mine was every inch traditional, served with the right balance of mint leaves and limes, and enough ice to sink the Titanic. It was a cool, refreshing blast of Cuban delight that went down a little too easily, not unlike my date’s syrupy-sweet concoction of raspberries, lemon and alcohol.

Next up was our starter – a huge plate of sharing nachos loaded with salsa, melted cheese, jalapenos, and a generous amount of chicken (£8), chosen upon the suggestion of our waiter, who informed us that this dish is being trialled as a special.

The nachos were as close to perfect as a plate of crisps can be; a crunchy base for the tangy salsa, succulent chicken, and stringy cheese. My date remarked that they were the best nachos she’s ever tasted, and I wouldn’t disagree.


Wall of Fame

L to R: Sharing nachos; WOF Chicken Burger; Deep Fried Oreos


Onto the mains, and I risked a poultry overdose by selecting the WOF Chicken Burger (£10) while my date went for the Mac Daddy (£12) – a tower of terror combining 6oz of steak patty with pastrami, mac ‘n’ cheese and more.

At first glance, I could only describe my burger as the entire contents of a KFC Bargain Bucket between two pieces of bread, but the Kentucky comparisons ended at first bite.

This was a far cry from the grease fest associated with The Colonel. We’re talking prime cuts of chicken that melt in your mouth with added crunch and kick thanks to a union of breadcrumbs and hot sauce. My side of sweet potato fries was cooked to perfection, crispy and soft in the right places.

My date asked our server to hold the mac ‘n’ cheese on her burger, which turned out to be a sensible choice given the size of this hefty beef injection. It was as indulgent as it looked and delivered an authentic slice of New York’s finest gastronomy.

We rounded off our evening with a dessert of Deep Fried Oreos (£4.50). Despite sounding like something that might put you in hospital, this plate of sugar-coated, biscuity goodness turned out to be a surprise highlight.

My date and I felt like our stomachs had taken a pounding by the end of the evening but Wall of Fame’s winning combination of tantalising flavours and stylish interiors had us hooked, and inspired us to plan a return visit for another evening of blissful gluttony.


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