Route for LFC’s potential victory parade revealed

Update: The proposed victory parade route has been extended by a further 1.5 miles, now ending at Green Lane roundabout. See updated route below.

The route for Liverpool Football Club’s potential victory parade through Liverpool city centre should they triumph in the UEFA Champions League final has been revealed.

The procession would take place on 27 May, a day when the city is already staging two major events – the Three Festivals Tall Ships Regatta and the Bordeaux Wine Festival.

The European champions will not be confirmed until the evening of 26 May when the final takes place in Kiev, however due to the significant logistical challenges of organising a parade of this scale the announcement is being made in advance so residents and businesses in the city can prepare for the potential event.

Staring at midday, the parade is expected to last for a couple of hours, and will see LFC show off the Champions League trophy on an open top bus, travelling along Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage Waterfront.

The bus would embark from the Parliament Street/The Strand junction, and journey along:

  • The Strand
  • Up Leeds Street
  • Along Hunter Street
  • Along Islington
  • Along Erskine Street
  • Along Low Hill
  • Along West Derby Road (up to Shiel Road junction)
  • Along Rocky Lane
  • Ending at Green Lane roundabout

Map of proposed victory parade route.

The Three Festivals Tall Ships Regatta event will take place later than advertised on Sunday (27 May) to accommodate the parade if it takes place.

Due to the volume of people expected over the weekend for the festivals there will be a lane closure in both directions on The Strand starting at 8am on Saturday, ending at 8pm on the Bank Holiday Monday.

And if Liverpool defeat Madrid then The Strand will close completely from 8am on Sunday and will reopen when it is deemed safe.

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson says: “Regardless of whether you are a Red, Blue or not a football fan at all, an event like this has a hugely positive impact and will once again shine the international spotlight on the city.

“We are all tremendously proud of LFC’s achievement and you can already feel the buzz around the city ahead of the final.

“The club requested the parade takes place on the Sunday, and even though it’s already a busy day for the city, we want to make sure we are ready to give them the heroes’ welcome they deserve should they win.

“I understand there will be disappointment for those fans who are unable to get back from Kiev in time, but it was a similar situation in 2005 and we have to be guided by the club in terms of the date and time.”

If the parade goes ahead, fans are advised to:

  • Use the full length of the route. The open top bus won’t be stopping so take advantage of the full length of the route from the bottom Parliament Street, all the way to Green Lane.
  • Decide which part of the route you want to wait at and arrive in plenty of time.
  • Be patient – it is impossible to predict how long it will take the team bus to travel along the route.
  • Due to the number of people coming in to and out of the city, there will be significant demands on public transport, with queuing likely.


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