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Top tips: 6 ways to sell your home quickly

Top tips: 6 ways to sell your home quickly

In an ideal world you’ll put your house on the market and it’ll be snapped up by the perfect buyer within days. Unfortunately, however, that’s not always the case. Sometimes properties can linger on the market for much longer than you’d like.

If you’re keen to sell your home fast, we’ve enlisted the expertise of Naz Islam from online agent Residential4U to bring you some top tips.

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Get the photos right 

The vast majority of buyers start their property search online, trawling through photos on property portals in their quest to find their dream home. If the photos of your home aren’t up to scratch, those buyers are unlikely to arrange a viewing – meaning your home may languish on the market for months.

“Photos on property portals will be potential buyers’ first opportunity to view your home,” says Naz. “If those photos don’t do it justice you risk losing a buyer who might otherwise have fallen in love with the property.”


Choose a proactive agent

A good estate agent can mean the difference between a quick sale at asking price and a property failing to sell.

“Choose an agent who will market your home effectively,” says Naz. “Find out where they will list your property and how they will guarantee maximum exposure.”


Make use of your expertise 

Think about how your property is being presented to buyers during viewings. Does it make more sense for you to show buyers around, rather than an agent?

“Nobody knows your property better than you,” says Naz. “It makes sense, therefore, that you would show potential buyers around your home. By doing so you’ll also save yourself a hefty amount.

“Using an online agent, you’ll pay an upfront fee rather than a commission and will manage viewings yourself.”


Make sure the asking price is right 

When it comes to setting the price of your property, it’s essential that you get it right. Set it too high and you’ll alienate a lot of borrowers. Set it too low and you lose your bargaining power.

If you want a quick sale, the price needs to make sense to buyers.

“It’s a good idea to get a valuation from three separate agents before setting your price,” says Naz. “You should also research the local market and find out what similar properties have sold for.”


Be responsive to potential buyers’ requests 

If you want to sell your home quickly, you need to be ready and willing to hurry things along.

“Make sure you’re responsive to enquiries,” says Naz. “Your agent should be able to contact you easily and if a buyer wants to view the property, work around their timings.

“Furthermore, be sure to have the answers to any buyer questions ready – do your research on new developments in the area, schools and other amenities they may ask about.”


“It’s a good idea to get a valuation from three separate agents before setting your price”


Depersonalise the property 

You love your property just the way it is – complete with wall to wall photos of your kids at every stage of their childhood – but your buyers don’t want to buy your house, they want to buy a house that will be theirs. It’s important, therefore, to depersonalise it.

“It’s a good idea to keep things as neutral as possible when showing your property,” says Naz. “You’re essentially selling a blank canvas. Keep personal items to a minimum to allow potential buyers to envisage themselves living at the property.”

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About Author: Christine Toner