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2019 guide: Tips and trends for setting up your home in Liverpool

2019 guide: Setting up your home in Liverpool

Planning to spruce up your property or move house during the new year ahead? Let YM Liverpool be your guide with our rundown of the essential interior style trends and décor alterations you can make to your home on a budget and the city’s residential areas to keep an eye on in 2019.

Words by Lawrence Saunders

For many of us, the new year brings with it grand plans.

Every 12 months we swear we’re going to eat better, exercise more, drink less and generally become the absolute best version of ourselves we can be.

Inevitably this all goes out the window before the Christmas lights come down so how about some more achievable New Year resolutions this time?

Done right, resolving to update your home or make the switch to a new property could be the canniest decision you make in 2019.


Setting up your home in 2019 - clear the clutter

KO that clutter

With the whole year ahead of us there’s no better time to draw up a list of those time-sapping tasks we’ve been putting off around the home.

January presents a prime opportunity to clear out a cluttered attic or chaotic cupboard under the stairs.

As you return your tinsel and twinkly lights to their pre-Christmas positions, take stock of what else is taking up your sought-after storage space.

Do you really need to keep that gargantuan video recorder? Will you honestly ever use that popcorn maker again?

57% of people receive at least one unwanted Christmas gift each year

Getting rid of personal belongings can be a daunting prospect at first but the contented feeling and extra room you’re left with makes it all worth it.

Admittedly it’s a bit of a first-world problem this one, but the early weeks of 2019 will see your storage space come under extra pressure from unwanted Christmas presents.

According to a YouGov poll, 57% of those who celebrate the holy holiday receive at least one superfluous offering each year.

Instead of resigning those bath salts to the back of the wardrobe, get them on eBay and if you’re not comfortable with making a mint on yuletide gifts you can always donate a portion of the profits to charity.


Setting up your home in 2019

Location, location, location

Could 2019 be the year you make your first step onto the property ladder? Or maybe you’re looking to start afresh and buy your next home during the coming 12 months.

Either way, there’s much more to think about than whether a property ticks all of your boxes within its four walls. Picking a prime location is also key, and we’ve called on experts to shed light on the areas expected to thrive this year.

Up & coming &still growing

The southern end of Smithdown Road in Wavertree has seen something of a food and drink revolution in recent years.

Acclaimed eatery Belzan, the quirky cereal-focused Tiny Rick’s Cafe and distinct drinking den Handyman Brewery are just three venues which have popped up on one stretch of this busy thoroughfare.

And with a diverse housing supply and prices cheaper than nearby Childwall and Mossley Hill, 2019 could be the year to purchase property in this Liverpool L15 area.

“Wavertree will continue to flourish in the sales market in 2019 with interest remaining high from both residential buyers and investors,” says Martin Unsworth, director at Belvoir South Liverpool.

“The interest in the area around the lower end of Smithdown Road has increased in 2018 and I would expect this to continue.

“Properties which have come on the market have sold quickly and often for above asking price.

“Wavertree will continue to flourish in the sales market in 2019 with interest remaining high from both residential buyers and investors.”

“The majority of interest we have seen in this area has been from young professionals, families and often first-time buyers.”

Meanwhile, Martin’s counterpart at Belvoir’s Liverpool Central office believes the popularity of city centre living will continue to grow at a pace this year thanks again, in part, to an increasingly diverse food and drink offering.

“The city centre benefits from having pockets of areas that offer great bars and restaurants that aren’t too far away from each other such as Liverpool ONE, Castle Street, the Baltic Triangle and Ropewalks to mention a few,” says Adam Rastall.

And with a number of substantial city centre residential schemes expected to complete in the coming 12 months, the area’s livability looks to receive another welcome boost.

One Wolstenholme Square, a mixed-use scheme comprising 447 apartments, is slated for a March finish.

Whilst on the edge of the city centre in the emerging Fabric District, work is progressing well on Fabric District Residence (pictured above).

Consisting of 208 fully managed studio apartments, the development is expected to complete in 2019.


Setting up your home in 2019 - interiors

Interior alterations

Part of the fun of setting up a home is stamping your own style on it.

Be it a brand new property to make your mark on or a tired interior that needs a new lease of life, help is at hand to keep your home’s look up to date and on trend in 2019.

Claire Davies of Jamaica Street’s Claire Davies Interiors gives her professional opinion on what style trends we should look out for in 2019 and offers some of her top tips for homeowners looking to refresh their décors.

“The beginning of a new year often signals a time for change and for many of us this is especially true when it comes to our living spaces,” says Claire.

“Layering and adding lots of texture, especially in the form of chunky knits, fringing and tassels, will continue to grow in popularity.”

“Once all of the Christmas decorations are down and our resolutions are firmly in place we are often left to reflect on our homes and the changes that we’d like to make.

“2019 will see a continuation and further development of some great trends that we saw towards the end of 2018.

“The use of earthy colours; nude, barely there, warm neutrals will remain popular with a continued movement away from minimalism (thank goodness!).

“Layering and adding lots of texture, especially in the form of chunky knits, fringing and tassels, will continue to grow in popularity as will the use of plants within fabric, prints and actual living specimens.

“The use of sustainable textiles and natural fibres in home interiors such as hemp, flax, soy and wool will continue to progress.”

Cheap changes

Refreshing a room doesn’t have to mean a major overhaul and the expense that comes with it.

Small but smart changes can make a surprisingly dramatic difference in your home.

“If you want to make changes but have a small budget then fear not, there is still plenty that you can do,” adds Claire Davies.

“A fresh coat of paint in a carefully chosen colour that works well with the available natural light can make a huge difference.

“If your budget allows, add some new fabrics and don’t forget about different textures.

“Make your space your own and invest in some key pieces that will stand the test of time and stay with you through not only the new year ahead but many more to come.”

About Author: Lawrence Saunders

Lawrence is a journalist at Move Publishing. He can be contacted via email at lawrence@movepublishing.co.uk or by phone on 0151 709 3871.