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Surplus food benefits 233 Merseyside charities and community groups

A Liverpool City Region food charity saved almost 742 tonnes of surplus food from waste to help those who need it.

FareShare Merseyside released its 2017-18 figures, revealing the food has been redistributed to 233 charities and community groups during the year.

The charity, which unvealed the statistics in recognition of yesterday’s World Hunger Day (28 May), works with manufacturers and retailers across the food supply chain including ASDA, Kellogg’s and Tesco to redistribute quality food that has become surplus.

The products are said to often be surplus long before reaching the supermarket shelves due to forecasting errors, seasonal changes or damaged packaging.

Here in the Liverpool City Region the charity, which has 20 other regional centres around the country, says the food saved last year provided enough for 1,766, 528 meals and helped feed 38,613 people each week.

FareShare Merseyside’s key statistics also highlight that the food supplied enabled the charity sector to make £1,849,700 in savings.

FareShare manager Kirsty Walsh says: “Food poverty can happen to anyone, and it can happen quickly. The charities we provide food to support those who have lost their homes, left the Armed Forces and struggled to adjust, escaped violent relationships, fallen into drug or alcohol misuse or simply can no longer cook for themselves.

“Food is the connector – when it’s joined with the life changing support services provided by our frontline charity members, we know it’s the enabler to help get people back on their feet.”

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