Ten Streets includes scope for ‘limited’ residential development

Liverpool City Council has confirmed there is scope for its ‘Ten Streets’ regeneration project to include some residential development.

The initiative, which aims to transform a rundown area of the city’s northern docklands into a new creative hub, could also bring a limited number of new homes to Liverpool city centre.

Outlining its vision for ‘Ten Streets’ during an event at the Titanic Hotel, the local authority insisted that any residential schemes in the district will be restricted in scale and location.

Literature distributed at the unveiling reads: “We envisage a neighbourhood with a distinctive and original residential ambience. The scale and style of residential development will be tailored to complement rather than dilute its creative identity.

“We’ll limit the scale and location of new residential development within ‘Ten Streets’ to safeguard its mixed-use, commercial and creative identity.”

‘Ten Streets’, which will play host to the UK’s first theatre with a revolving auditorium, is envisaged as an area where digital businesses and creative enterprises can thrive alongside art organisations.

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson says: “The launch of this vision for the ‘Ten Streets’ district is an opportunity of a lifetime to define Liverpool’s future as a creative powerhouse of the 21st Century.

“For me, this new theatre says everything about our ambition for ‘Ten Streets’ and how the creative sector can unleash the untapped potential of these once celebrated docklands and make them once again a beacon of economic growth.

“The partners involved are of the highest calibre and much like with the Knowledge Quarter, ‘Ten Streets’ will generate high value jobs and stimulate our economy for decades to come.”

The council has partnered with Harcourt Developments, the firm behind the Titanic Hotel, to deliver the ‘Ten Streets’ project.

A formal masterplan for the initiative will be revealed following a period of public consultation between now and 10 February.

About Author: Mark Langshaw

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