Top 5 tips to boost your home’s kerb appeal

Top 5 tips to boost your home’s kerb appeal

Whether you’re selling your home or just feel like freshening up your property, check out YM Liverpool’s top five tips on boosting kerb appeal.

Words by Lawrence Saunders

Kerb appeal - top 5 tips

1. Light it up

For style and/or security reasons, adding lights to the front of your home is a no brainer.

Whether it’s emphasising a standout tree or illuminating a footpath, presenting a property in the right light is vital.

2. Go Green

Be it inside or out, introducing just a smattering of greenery can be a way to make a home more appealing to tenants or potential buyers.

Try potted plants on the doorstep or hanging baskets around the front door – artificial flowers work fine if you’re prone to forgetting about your flora.

3. Hide the bins

Many Liverpudlians are rightly proud of their purple bins but they’re not to everybody’s taste and besides, the benefits of hiding your refuse receptacle go beyond mere aesthetics.

Knocking up a wooden store for your bins will not only keep pesky pests away from your rubbish but might also make the tedious task of taking out the trash a little more tolerable.

4. Beautiful barriers

Another simple addition which can have both visual and practical paybacks for your property is decorative fencing.

Short or tall, picket or wrought iron, ordinary or audacious colours; there are plenty of ways to make a fine first impression on visitors.

5. Do up your door

One of the cheapest and most effective ways to give the outside of your home a boost is to revamp your front door.

A bold splash of colour if it’s wooden or a good clean if it’s PVC can make this focal point a real selling point.


Kerb appeal - top 5 tips


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