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Winter-proof your property: Measures to make your home warmer

Winter-proof your property: Measures to make to your home warmer

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Is your rental property prepared for the colder winter months? If not, there are simple measures and support in place to make homes safer, warmer and more efficient. 

Energy provider E.ON talks Your Move through the most effective ways to make a difference and the initiatives that are on hand to help. 

In the words of a popular TV show ‘winter is coming’. While for many people the thought of the colder season conjures up images of cosy nights and the onset of the Christmas period, for others the harsher weather can be a major worry. According to UK Power, average heating bills for a three-bedroom house cost £1,163 per year.

For those unable to work, claiming benefits or bringing up young children, meeting the costs to keep their property warm can be difficult.

However, help is available. The government’s Affordable Warmth scheme replaced the Warm Front Scheme in January 2013 and offers free insulation and help with other measures to renters who will struggle with bills.

Energy provider E.ON is a member of the scheme and is working to help those most in need during the winter.

“We work with our customers to make their homes warmer and to reduce their bills, and installing measures through the scheme not only improves the efficiency of homes but it really helps support people’s health and wellbeing,” says Nathan Carr, network support co-ordinator at E.ON.

“There are certain eligibility requirements for the scheme but you do not have to be an E.ON customer and you can find out more on our website. The most effective thing you can do to reduce heat loss is insulate your walls and loft. Insulation is available under the Affordable Warmth scheme and you may even be able to get your walls done for free whatever your circumstances.”

Nathan says there are also several measures that will have a considerable impact on energy efficiency – all of which can be undertaken by E.ON as part of the Affordable Warmth scheme.

Cavity wall insulation

Much of the heat that escapes our homes does so through the walls. Most homes built after 1920 will have a cavity wall, in other words two walls with a space in between.

Cavity wall insulation can help to stop heat escaping the house by filling the gap between the two walls. Newer homes should already have cavity wall insulation but if yours hasn’t, having it fitted can make a big difference to your energy bills.

Loft insulation/top-ups

The National Insulation Association (NIA) says a third of the heat consumers pay for could be escaping through the roof of their property. Like cavity wall insulation, loft insulation can help to reduce heating bills and protect your boiler and is fitted between the joists in the loft floor.

Replacement heating systems

Naturally, if your heating system isn’t working properly or it’s old and inefficient you’re going to be wasting money on heating bills. Under the Affordable Warmth scheme you could get a replacement heating system and boiler.

New boilers tend to be much more energy efficient than older models. “We know how stressful it can be for some people as the colder months approach, with the knowledge that heating bills will likely rise,” says Nathan. “The Affordable Warmth Scheme allows renters to prepare their homes for the winter season and make a considerable saving on their energy bills and we are delighted to be a part of it.”

To find out if you’re eligible for the affordable warmth scheme visit E.ON’s website at www.eonenergy.com/AffordableWarmth or call 0330 400 1194.

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