First public artwork by Twitter sensation Coldwar Steve arrives in Liverpool

The first public artwork from Twitter satirist Coldwar Steve has gone on display in Liverpool today (9 November).

‘The Forth Estate’, a huge scale visual landscape of the UK news media, is expected to be on display in Williamson Square for the next seven days.

Coldwar Steve – real name Christopher Spencer – is known for his popular Twitter feed ‘McFadden’s Coldwar’, which has attracted around 110,000 followers.

The account regularly posts images depicting ‘Eastenders’ actor Steve McFadden – aka Phil Mitchell – superimposed onto a usually grim British background alongside a catalogue of other famous faces.

The new artwork is similar in tone but focuses on the owners and influencers of the UK news media.

RRU News, a year-long cultural experiment designed to interpret, create and challenge how we look at news, commissioned the piece.

‘The Forth Estate’ on display in Williamson Square / Photo: Michelle Roberts

Mark Donne, RRU News editor, says: “There’s a democratic value to Chris’s work that resonates with folk faster than almost any other satire around.

“The comedy factor, combined with his daily cast of characters and the constantly appalled onlooking Phil Mitchell, who seems to represent the UK citizen looking on at the UK politics… and that no matter how bad your personal problems are, they are nothing like the mess of Brexit Britain.

“Chris’s work deserves to be in the biggest public art gallery possible, so a gigantic billboard in a public city square suits it well.”

About Author: Lawrence Saunders

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