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Council rejects LFC plans to host non-football events at Anfield

Liverpool Football Club’s plans to host non-football sporting events at Anfield have been rejected by the council’s planning committee.

Objections to the proposals had been put forward by and on behalf of neighbouring residents which included concerns over an increase in disruption and noise levels.

The first application, which was rejected, also included proposals to screen LFC away fixtures at the stadium – something which was successfully implemented during the first team’s run to the 2018 UEFA Champions League Final last season.

The club’s other application to stage up to 10 concerts at Anfield was deferred, pending further information from LFC on what it will do to mitigate the impact of concerts on the local community.

Reports considered by Liverpool City Council’s planning committee yesterday (28 August) had recommended approval for both applications.

LFC contended that additional events would bring economic benefits to the Liverpool City Region, more job opportunities for people in the area and increased revenue for local businesses.

The club carried out a feasibility exercise to assess the potential capacity for hosting a variety of events at the stadium and concluded that between 47,000 and 50,000 spectators could be accommodated.

YM Liverpool has approached LFC for comment.

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